Kitchen Essentials

I'm not a big kitchen gadget person, but there are few items I just can't live without to make quick, healthy meals.



Rimmed baking sheets

Stovetop Espresso Maker

French Press
(I have to buy stainless steel or I’ll
shatter about 1/month)


Snaplid Variety Set


(decent for a cheap blender)

Slow Cooker


Ello Glass Water Bottle w Straw

Wide Mouth Mason Jars
(for dry food storage, leftover soups, etc)


Gold Cocktail Shaker


The Corksicle Tumbler
(obsessed w the 24 oz white)

Parchment Paper

Veggie Spiralizer


1 serrated knife
8’’ chef’s knife

Mini Mason Jars
(for dressings and Chia Pudding)