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Tuna Salad #BabeBowl

If you have a protein, a healthy fat, and some fiber and you throw it together in a bowl and top with a good sauce (or lemon or lime juice!), you are SET and you've got yourself a healthy meal that will keep you full until your next meal, turn off hunger hormones, and keep your body in fat burning mode. Which is why I love this tuna salad recipe that’s so quick and easy.

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NO RECIPE RECIPE: Ground Beef Stir-Fry

So back to this Ground Beef Stir-Fry. I'm a big fan of just throwing a few things into a pan vs ordering takeout all the time because:

a) I like to know what's in my food.

b) I'm way less bloated when I eat at home.

c) I'd rather take two seconds to scramble something up and keep my hot bod than drown it in udon noodles.

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