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OKKKUUURRRR I'm finally doing this. Finally putting together the ULTIMATE guide to supplements for you guys.

I knooowwww you've been asking for it for, like, a year. Shoot me. You'll understand why it took me so long - this thing is long af.

Bookmark this baby because not only am I giving you all of my top recommendations, I've got some discount codes for you guys, too. And, I'll be updating it periodically.

By the way - this is 1000% not sponsored. I do get a small amount of affiliate income for some of these products, but understand that I myself reach out to these brands myself to ask for discount for you guys.

I am not recommending anything I haven't used for years and that I know isn't the absolute best. k?

There's a lot of shade happenin’ in these internet streets these days with product promotions. *eye roll*

So I feel inclined to say all that BS before we get started here.

K back to business. Here's the deal - I actually hate recommending supplements. I am such a believer that you can live your best healthy life on a tiny budget so I often hesitate to recommend them on the blog (even though I always do with clients).

But damn, supplements can often time reallllllly help our situation, ya know? So that's what this is for. Yes, many people can lose weight, have energy, and feel amazing without supplements. But if you want the extra bump, this is for you.

I've broken this down to Essential, Kinda Essential, and Totally Optional supplements. Also, make sure to check the bottom of this post for discount codes!



FIRST THINGS FIRST: A Word on Perfect Supplements

I recently started using this site to order most of my supplements. Their Perfect Supplement line is VERY high quality, very fairly priced, and has some really cool, interesting supplements. They also carry almost every brand I recommend.

And in addition to this, they are such good people. I'm gonna give you a quick run-down off all my favorite products from these guys as a cheat-sheet.

Perfect Supplements Aquatic Greens

Perfect Supplements Coconut Oil

Perfect Supplements Desiccated Liver

Perfect Supplements Hydrolyzed Collagen - Single Serving Packets

Perfect Supplements Vitamin D3

GP Fermented Cod Liver Oil or Rosita Cod Liver Oil

Natural Calm (MY RIDE OR DIE)

Prescript-Assist Probiotic 

Ok! Let's get to it.


NA's Ultimate Guide to Supplements


These are the supplements I generally recommend everyone add to their daily routine.

OMEGA 3 Essential for reducing inflammation and promoting an increase in the breakdown and use - rather than storage of - fatty acids. Omega-3s are also AMAZING brain food, and helps with focus and memory.

Recommended brands:Green Pasture's Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil, Dr. Mercola Krill Oil, and Member’s Mark Triple Strength Fish Oil

VITAMIN D MOST people are deficient in vitamin D, and vitamin D is essential for immunity and a healthy metabolism.

Recommended brands: Green Pasture’s Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil, Dr. Mercola Krill Oil, Perfect Supplements Vitamin D3

PROBIOTICS Probiotics support your gut health, digestion, metabolism, immunity...pretty much everything. An unhealthy gut = an unhealthy metabolism. Look for one with multiple strains and preferably soil-based and dairy-free.

Recommended brandsPrescript-Assist, Ora Organics Probiotic Powder

PREBIOTICS Prebiotics FEED probiotics. But you don't need an expensive supplement. One of the best forms of prebiotics is potato starch. Just add a teaspoon or two to your smoothie! Or, use one of the probiotics listed above that both include prebiotics.

Recommended brand: Bob's Red Mill Potato Starch

MAGNESIUM Most people are deficient in magnesium, which is involved in basically every cell activity in the body. Signs of a magnesium deficiency can include anxiety, constipation, and trouble sleeping.

Recommended brand: Ancient Minerals,  Natural Calm



These are a few great additions to your normal routine. Not essential for everyone, but your body will love you for it.

B VITAMINS The vitamin B family is known for reducing inflammation, and supporting hormones, nerve, and heart health, and maintaining a healthy metabolism and digestive system. If you don't get enough B vitamins, one of the first things you'll notice is fatigue! If you are on hormonal birth control, B-vitamins are essential.

Recommended Brands: GOL B-Complex,  Perfect Supplements Desiccated Liver Supplement*, Jarrow B-Right

*This sounds gross, but when I heard that Tim Ferris recommended it I bought it because I'll buy anything he recommends. It SERIOUSLY gives you energy! (and doesn't taste like anything)

COLLAGEN PEPTIDES Collagen protein is a super clean source of protein, and it's SO good for your gut health, hair, skin, and joints. It's a great option in lieu or in addition to protein powder.

Recommended Brands: Perfect SupplementsFurther Food

GLUTAMINE Glutamine is essential if you have any gut health issues. It’s extremely effective at healing the gut lining. It is also awesome for supporting muscle repair, which is what it's most known for, but it's also really effective at reducing sugar cravings.

Recommended Brands: VeroviveNOW Foods

PROTEIN POWDER HIGH-QUALITY protein powders are amazing! I highly recommend you pick some up for your morning smoothies.

Recommended Brands: Designer Whey, Tone it Up (Target), Ora Organics So Lean So Clean

VITAMIN C supports adrenals, assists in recovery, and boosts immunity. Dosage: 1g/day or up to 5g/day if you have a cold coming on

Recommended brands: Garden of LifeJarrow



ADAPTOGENS adaptogenic herbs help your body adapt to stress. For a healthy metabolism to work properly, keeping stress to a minimum is key. Some of the most popular forms of adaptogens are ashwagandha, maca, and moringa, and rhodiola

Recommended brands: Further Food Turmeric Tonic, Perfect Supplements Rhodiola, Gaia Herbs Adrenal Health, Gaia Herbs Ashwagandha

SUPERFOOD POWDERS These are amazing additions to smoothies or as a power shot in the AM! Filled with antioxidants, fiber, protein - all kinds of goodies to start your day.

Recommended Brands: Perfect Supplements Acai, Perfect Supplements Aquatic GreensFurther Food Turmeric Tonic

Honestly...this is it. You don't need a billion supplements to be healthy. Eat you PHFF, your greens, and smile and you'll probably live a pretty good life. Adding a few of these just might make you smile a little more :)

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