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TIPS ON TIPS ON TIPS: How to Down More Water

A few days ago, I posted about WHY you should probably drink more water because NEWS FLASH: you're probably dehydrated. Yikes! OK, cool, we got that out of the way. *sips water from my fav water bottle*. Which is why I put together some serious water drinking tips and tricks for you because that's what we do here at The Nutrition Addiction.

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8 Reasons You Prob Need To Drink More Water

I don't really need to sit and talk about how essential water is (DUH, YOU WILL DIE WITHOUT IT). But most people are walking around mildly dehydrated at all times. Seriously - it's estimated that about 75% of people are living in a chronic state of dehydration - whoa! And the problem is, you probably have no idea.

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