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Why You Need Bone Broth for Cold & Flu Season

Bone broth is great for cold and flu season and easy to make! It’s made by throwing animal bones (typically chicken or beef) into a stockpot of boiling water and letting it simmer all day. It’s SO important to buy grass-fed (if using beef bones), organic bones to make bone broth, because alllllll the goodness from these bones are going to seep into the simmering water.

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Just a small rant - Why I hate cheat meals

What I hate about the cheat meal is that it labels the meal as something naughty, like something you shouldn't be doing, and THAT creates the idea in our head that food choices are all or nothing. This is why I preach eating PHFF so obnoxiously and probably mention it in every single post. It's so important, but it's also SO DOABLE. If you're always including a protein source, a healthy fat or two, and you squeeze some fiber into every meal, you are doing something positive for your body.

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Celeb Trainer, Brad Kolowich, Jr. On Getting Results in 15 Min/Day

I called up Atlanta-based celebrity trainer, Brad Kolowich, Jr who just so happened to have recently released the book, Fitter Faster: The Smart Way to Get in Shape in Just Minutes a Day, with Dr. Robert Davis. We talk quick workouts, beer, and shocking....alot of nutrition.

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