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TIPS ON TIPS ON TIPS: How to Down More Water

A few days ago, I posted about WHY you should probably drink more water because NEWS FLASH: you're probably dehydrated. Yikes! OK, cool, we got that out of the way. *sips water from my fav water bottle*. Which is why I put together some serious water drinking tips and tricks for you because that's what we do here at The Nutrition Addiction.

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8 Reasons You Prob Need To Drink More Water

I don't really need to sit and talk about how essential water is (DUH, YOU WILL DIE WITHOUT IT). But most people are walking around mildly dehydrated at all times. Seriously - it's estimated that about 75% of people are living in a chronic state of dehydration - whoa! And the problem is, you probably have no idea.

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My Morning Routine that Fires Up My Metabolism, Stat.

I'm gonna share my exact morning routine with you guys, and the emphasis is on metabolism because when you get your metabolism revved up in the morning, you're setting yourself up to burn fat all day long. AND bonus - you'll have a lot more energy (which honestly is my #1 priority).

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