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10 Tips for College Students Who Wanna Be Semi-Healthy

College and Health- not really two words you hear in the same sentence a lot? Being healthy in college (or even semi-healthy) isn't easy, but it's not totally your fault. It's hard to get sleep you need when you're in school, you can't afford anything remotely organic, dining hall food is pretty tough to navigate, there's not a whole lot of time for cooking real food, and booze. So. Much. Booze.

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5 -Minute Frosé!!!!!!! (aka Summer Water)

Here's the backstory on this - obviously I knew I needed to do a frosé recipe for you guys because helllooooooooo SUMMER '17 but I had never made it before so I started looking at recipes online just to get like a base - a starting point - so I could go to work at creating something that wasn't FULL of sugar (like 99% of frozen rosés are).

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