3-Day Sample Meal Plan: Spring 2019

yogurt granola bowl with pomegranates

When I cook dinner after a crazy day, even when that day just involves working from home on my computer, I feel like I’m Beyonce. Not that Beyonce has probably touched a stove in 20 years but you know what I mean.

There really is nothing better than a home-cooked meal that (likely) only took 15 minutes or so to throw together. Especially when I know it's a metabolism-boosting, fat-burning meal, that's going to keep my energy levels up and make me feel like a million bucks.

I put together a Spring Meal Plan for you guys to add some new, fun recipes to your rotation and to simplify your life.

Why is this so important for me to share with you? Because my GOAL for you, always, is to take the focus off food and onto the things that mean the most to you in life.

Like.....your kids, your baby daddy, your besties, hiking, knitting, your furbabies, skinny margs, whatever. You do you.

We've got Cherry Almond Chia Pudding. Smokey Salmon with Avocado. Red Curry Chicken Noodle Soup. Grilled Chicken Lime Yogurt Skewers. Ya know. All the goods.

So…. what ALL does the Spring Meal Plan entail? What's involved?

megan holding salad and fork

The Spring Meal Plan is 30 days of Spring-inspired meals, recipes, snacks, and desserts - ALL designed to keep your body in fat-burning mode. Duh.

So let’s talk about some of the perks.

  1. You’ll get your time back, because I do the meal planning for you. Yeah - no spending hours looking up recipes and figuring out what's healthy, what's not, then buying too much food and throwing half of it away.

  2. You’ll save money. You can stop eating out all the time because you don't have a clue what to make and you didn't buy the right things at the store.

  3. ...but you can still eat out on occasion bc DUH, you need to have a life and there is *a lot* happening this time of year. (I'll show you how to do it without derailing  your goals)

  4. A meal plan that has been put together to strategically keep your body in fat burning mode more often than it's in fat storing mode. 

  5. DELISH and QUICK meals your whole family will love (yes these recipes are fam approved).

  6. The ability to spending more time doing the things you love - which I'm guessing isn't meal planning and spending hours in the kitchen.

Wait, ok, so what do I do?

Oh, it’s easy. Not much.

  1. First, sign up here.

  2. Check your email. Your entire meal plan will be there.

  3. This weekend, you’ll, shop and prep few things and you’ll be ready to rock on Monday.

  4. Rinse and repeat for the next 4 weeks. Dat’s it.

Not ready to commit? Cool. Here’s a 3-Day Sample menu for you take this bad boy on a test drive.

megan cutting vegetables on cutting board

Now, tell me the deets. What all do I get?

  1. 4 weeks of meals and recipes. That’s less than $20/week to not have to think twice about what you’re making and eating.

  2. Weekly done-for-you grocery lists

  3. Dining Out Guide (duh - you'll be going out a lot during the holidays).

  4. Portion Guide + Swap List to use if there is a recipe or ingredient you don't like.

  5. A freezer/pantry guide for quick, healthy, fat-burning meals.

  6. Healthy Snack Guide + Healthy Sweet Treats

You ready? Sign up here. Registration is officially open. Not quite? Grab the 3-Day Sample Plan first.

Wanna see a full list of the recipes included? K, here you go.

Chocolate Banana Bread Smoothie. Chicken-Broccoli Salad. Thai Chicken Larb Lettuce Cups. Grilled Shrimp Zucchini Bowls. Pasta Primavera. Berry Parfait. Slow Cooker Thai Chicken. Red Curry Chicken Soup. PB&J Smoothie Bowl. Egg Stuffed Avocado. Greek Lemon Chicken. Smokey Salmon. Blackberry Cream Smoothie. Nicoise Salad. Tuna Melts. Vanilla French Toast. Grilled Vegetable Platter. Tuna Poke Bowl. Savory Chicken Thighs. Lemon Cookie Smoothie. Loaded Kale Salad. Deviled Chickpea Salad. Chicken Tacos. Chicken Cauli Guac Bowls. Broccoli Cheese Breakfast Tacos. BBQ Chicken. Cheesy Turkey Bowls. Avocado Tomato Salad. Salmon Succotash. Grilled Chicken Lime Yogurt Skewers. Chicken Burgers. Cauliflower Risotto. Cherry Almond Chia Pudding. Chicken Burgers. Avocado BLT Wrap. Zucchini Noodle Turkey Sausage Bowl. Turkey Sausage & Broccoli Pasta Alfredo.

I also put together a quick little FAQ for you!

Q: I can’t eat ____ or I don’t like ____ - is this meal plan right for me?

A: Yes! There is a swap list included to help you easily make substitutions. The meal plan is already pretty low on dairy and is naturally gluten free, so those 2 common swaps will be easy.

Q: I’m traveling a lot this month / Can I still go out to eat?
A: Yep! You’ll get a Dining Out Guide to help you out.

Q: Can I still have coffee?

A: Duh! Literally nothing is off limits. This is truly just meant to help you guys structure your meals this season so you don’t have to spend time putting together healthy meals and grocery lists.

Q: What have the reviews been like on the plan so far?

“Omg, my husband and I have been LOVING the Spring Meal Plan. I can’t believe he’s been so on board with the recipes. You are somehow able to make healthy food fun and man-friendly. THANK YOU.” — Lindsey P.

“Never thought I’d save money on a healthy meal plan but somehow I am and I’m actually not wasting any food, it’s amazing.” - Emily S.

“This is crazy, but I feel like I’m eating a lot more than I normally do, but I’m losing weight. This plan is genius.” – Paige T.


Click here to get yourself all signed up and here if you just wanna snag the 3-Day Sample Plan for now.

What questions do you have?

Please leave me a comment below, or shoot us an email: support@thenutrtitionaddiction.com

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