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Top 10 Fiber Sources and how to GET IT IN.

I want you guys to challenge yourself to eat at LEAST 25 g of fiber/day. But if we're being honest, I'd kinda like you to shoot for 30-40g. It'll take some getting used to, so here's a little guide to get you started. I think the easiest way to do this is to get 10g fiber/meal if you're eating 3 meals/day. Add a few of these to your grocery list this week, and see your fiber intake increase pretty effortlessly.

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My 15 Favorite Healthy Tailgate Recipes

I rounded up my favorite healthy tailgate recipes from around the web. Bring a dish so you've got options, and then fill your plate with proteins (like wings and burgers) and fatty dips like guacamole + veggies. The carby chips, bread, and brownies are what's gonna spike your blood sugar and make you overeat!

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