3 Things to Pick Up this Weekend at Trader Joe's



I was getting a little bored with Trader Joe's because they just hadn't put out anything new that was any good for a while. So we kinda went on a break. I was just over it. But I had to grab my favorite extra virgin olive oil last weekend so I went, and to my delight, I found some amazingness. If you haven't been to TJ's in a while, head over and pick up these 3 really outstanding products.

1. Plain Greek Yogurt: Full Fat | Get on the full fat yogurt train as quickly as possible. You will melt when you realize how much more delicious it is then it's low fat and fat free counterparts. It has a really similar taste to sour cream, but is a bit more mellow so it basically goes great with everything. I've been using it as a dip, mixing it into guac to bump the protein content, layering it with fruit and macadamia nuts, topping nachos with it and also just spooning it into my mouth.

2. Clarified Butter | You know that little dish of butter you get when you order lobster or crab? And you're like, "why is this butter so good?" Yeah, that's clarified butter. And it is so. good. Clarified butter is butter with milk solids and moisture removed, so it's sort of like "super butter". What's great about it from a nutrition standpoint is that it can be cooked at really high heat without damaging or oxidizing any fat. And it's really buttery, so it makes everything taste good. This butter would have a lot more health benefits it was grass fed, but it's great in a pinch.

3. Cashew Butter | Foodies around Instagram rejoiced at the first site of TJ's cashew butter. I don't have to explain this - it's peanut butter that tastes like cashew...butter. Why I love cashew butter so much, though, is because it's really runny and makes a great drizzling sauce for veggies, fruit and sweet potatoes. And, again, it's very spoonable into the mouth. Essential for quick meals.

And a bonus: grab the last of the local peaches if you're in the South! Even if you're not in the South, peach season is over so get the good ones while you can!